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Welcome to Texlan Center Pvt Ltd, (formerly known as Texlan Lanka Pvt Ltd) a leading hosiery (Socks, Tights & Leggings) manufacturer and exporter in Sri Lanka. Texlan is part of one of the largest group, manufacturing & exporting hosiery in the world, having more than 25 years of hosiery experience along with vertical production setup consisting of:

Spinning Yarn Dyeing Yarn Covering
Knitting Processing Stitching
Boarding Finishing Packing

Our head office is based in Pakistan with manufacturing facilities in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Additionally, with a Global focus on customer service, we have product design/development, marketing & distribution networks in Pakistan, Bangladesh, North America, Europe & Sri Lanka.

Texlan production facilities are technically advanced and comprise state of the art socks / tights knitting, sewing, processing and boarding machines.

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